The Opposite Of A Careerist

Recently, someone named Gina Miller called people like me a ‘Careerist’. She explained that people like me “are not necessarily passionate about the organisations that they are involved with, but switch casually from charity to charity.” More than that, a good salary is what seems to drive people like me.

I started thinking what the opposite of a careerist is, and I think it’s:

  • Someone who can only care about one cause – you can not possibly care about animal rights, the environment, lifting people out of poverty AND keeping children safe.
  • Someone who makes their money through other means, such as drilling for oil, selling fizzy drinks, letting out property or managing other people’s funds. They do not devote their full-time to the charity sector.
  • Someone who is not driven to succeed, to progress their career, or to earn more money.
  • Someone who misleads the public by saying 100% of your donations goes to helping others.
The Telegraph might call someone like this a philanthropist. But I think we can come up with a better name.

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