Simon’s Weekly-ish Charity Fundraising Videos

So I’ve started trying to do a weekly-ish video ranting about all things fundraising and charity. You can watch a couple of them below:


And if they floated your boat then you can subscribe to the whole playlist here.

Please feel free to like, share or leave comments. It’s all I have.

5 thoughts on “Simon’s Weekly-ish Charity Fundraising Videos

  1. A techie review of online fundraising which rambled quite a bit. The buzz phrases of “voice is everything”, “amazing fundraising”, “need for human interaction” “face to face” littered the piece.
    Reference points of international fundraising conference with peers, books and online information.
    Not once any need to base fundraising around;- “what we have achieved”, how we are accountable, field / practical experience.
    Must do better.


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