Next Level Twitter Tips

There’s a lot of good Twitter tips for beginners around. But I wanted to share some of my own tricks that I’ve learned from the last few years of managing several twitter accounts:

  • Pinned Tweets
    You can pin one tweet to the top of your profile page, and you definitely should. This will generally be the tweet you’re currently trying to push, or it might be your most popular tweet. Essentially, when someone decides to look at your profile page to see what you’re all about, this will be the first thing they see and will probably determine their next action.
  • When People Tweet About You Don’t Retweet Immediately
    When someone shares one of your links or articles and mentions you in the tweet in can be tempting to retweet immediately. Sure, you want your followers to see that other people think your stuff is good and it’s a way to share your own links without repeating yourself.
    But hold off on retweeting. If your follower also follows the person you’re retweeting then they’ll only see that tweet once. However, if you wait about 5 or 6 hours and then retweet it will appear in their timeline again. Another opportunity to be noticed.
  • Reply to Your Own Tweet If You Want It To Reappear
    Some people call it ‘bumping’. Currently reply to your own tweet (and remove your @username), then not only will your new tweet appear in your followers’ timeline, but the original tweet you replied to will also reappear. It’s a good way to get a strong tweet back out there while continuing the conversation and not looking too needy.
  • Use Images, And Use Them Well
    Many people say always attach an image to your tweets as it makes them stand out. If you can be bothered then it’s probably a good idea. Just make sure you have the image sizes correct so that they don’t get cut off.
  • When Replying Move @Username To The End
    You probably already know that if you start a reply with @Username then only followers who follow both you and @Username will see it. You can change this by moving the @Username to the end of your tweet – it’s still a reply but will appear to everyone.
    However, that can be really annoying to your followers if the conversation isn’t interesting to them. So I’d only recommend doing this when your reply is noteworthy and readable in its own right.
  • Create a ‘Good People’ List And Add People To It
    Sometimes I want to keep a Twitter user on my radar but I don’t want to follow them because they’re always tweeting about football or GBBO. By adding them to a ‘Good People’ list it keeps them available, should you ever want to check in. But more importantly, they get a notification that you’ve called them a good person and it gives them a warm fuzzy feeling. I love doing this for charity Twitter accounts.

Any other next-level Twitter tips to share?

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