7 Canadians Who Know What Fundraising Is All Aboot

Oh my goodness, AFP Congress 2015 was fantastic…ey?

I was fortunate enough to be presenting on monthly donors and fundraising nudges. But also learning loads from some of the greatest fundraisers from Canada and abroad. And meeting so many wonderful people and discovering so many fundraising bloggers and tweeters I’d somehow missed before.

But here I wanted to share some classics: 7 of my favourite fundraisers working out of Canada who you really should be following:

  1. Rory Green
    You might know her for her Fundraiser Grrl meme’s, but Rory also seems be at the centre of everything good in fundraising. Always super helpful and willing to share an insight.
    Start by following her on Twitter.
  2. Jen Love & John Lepp
    Technically they’re two separate people, but as Agents of Good they are making some of the best donor lovin’ communications out there. These two people are my new obsession.
    Start by checking out some of their work.
  3. Maeve Strathy
    One of those cool fundraising nerds that I absolutely have to have in my life.
    Start by signing up to the What Gives??? newsletter.
  4. Rebecca Davies
    Start by reading her posts on 101 Fundraising.
  5. Ann Rosenfield
    I look to Ann for event inspiration, but she’s way more than that. The hardest working woman in fundraising and way smarter than us.
    Start by following her on LinkedIn.
  6. Paul Nazareth
    The master of networking, I learn from this guy every day.
    Start by following him on Twitter.
  7. Sheena Greer
    There’s something beautifully unique about Sheena’s blog, tweets and insights. My heart bleeds for the day I’ll meet Sheena.
    Start by reading her blog.

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