Who’s your favourite donor?

Things have been busy recently with The Wheel’s conference, the Toastmasters district conference and public speaking contest, and trips to Canada and London…all of this mixed with the usual challenge of trying to raise money…

So I haven’t had a chance to tell you about what happened at #DonorLove.

You might have seen lots of people talking about what a special event it was…and it was. But I wanted to tell you about my absolute highlight…

In one of the ‘small shop’ breakout sessions we sat in a circle and each spoke of our ‘favourite donor’.

It was really beautiful, mainly because everyone had one. And each little story was a striking reminder of the humans behind every action and every donation. Each of us gave a little glimpse of the person that had made that illogical decision to give.

At one point, one of the women wonderfully gushed about how amazing her favourite donor was…how she had gone above and beyond…and how she was changing the lives of the people her charity worked for. When she finished, someone on the opposite side of the circle spoke out…

“That’s my grandmother.”

Mic drop. Goosebumps. Everyone in the circle gasped.

It’s almost embarrassing to think you could get caught speaking so highly of someone! But why?

It was another reminder that we are all connected. That we all rely on each other. And in this horribly awful and miserable world there is still so much good.

It was fantastic.

So…who’s your favourite donor?

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