The Proposed Merger of Fundraising Ireland & ICTR


On Friday 17th of June members of Fundraising Ireland will vote on the proposed merger of Fundraising Ireland and ICTR and a number of related resolutions.

You know me…I generally don’t offer my opinion. But a few people have asked (and I want to increase traffic to my website in an effort to generate more ad revenue)…so here it is:

I’m in favour of the merger, and I think absolutely we need a more unified sector. These are two fantastic organisations who completely complement each other.

However, there are a few points I’ll be seeking clarification on:

  1. Why get rid of individual membership? I see what we gain by having it, but I’m not hearing…officially…what we gain by losing it?

  2. I believe the overall goal is to further unify the sector. So why then exclude independents, agencies and consultancies from full membership and voting rights? Doesn’t this create a hierarchy? Exclude some? Haven’t we always seen that the best way to bring unity is to invite everyone to the table?

    I have always resented the notion that agencies or consultants are any less fundraisers than in-house staff. I have previously lodged a formal complaint with Fundraising Ireland that agency staff can not be nominated for their Fundraiser of the Year award. And I have witnessed agencies spending huge amounts of time and resources to self-regulate face-to-face fundraising, while certain charities have refused to participate because it’s too much trouble.

  3. Does this not open us up to competition? Won’t we inevitably see the birth of a membership organisation that does fully cater for individual members. It’s not hard to imagine a new organisation or the Institute of Fundraising or The Wheel coming in to pick up the pieces.

  4. What if my organisation won’t join? Smaller charities like mine might not agree to pay for membership…so where does that leave individuals like me? Without a vote.

  5. Will this process be indicative of how the new organisation is run? The new organisation already has a name and a logo, despite the resolutions not yet being passed. I understand preparation has to take place, but not publicly. I hope this is not indicative of future decision making processes.

I expect these are all issues and questions that will  easily be addressed at the EGM, and I look forward to continuing my support of Fundraising Ireland.

I also suggest reading Bruce Clark’s blog post and the comments below it. It’s a number of reasonable questions we should have all asked, with responses to most from the Board of F.I.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “The Proposed Merger of Fundraising Ireland & ICTR

  1. I agree that large membership fees alienate smaller charities. If you look at the huge list on the revenue site and figure out the revenue to be gained if membership fee’s are kept small and everyone joined.
    We have tried face to face fundraising, It cost us over €4,000 which is HUGE money to us and we ended up with just over €300 of a return and incurred large bank charges. So we no longer partake.
    Fundraising is a minefield and all charities need advice & guidance without large fees.


  2. I think there are some decent points made here – particularly about the need to be more inclusive – but I also believe strongly that Ireland needs a body capable of representing non – profits as a whole, not just the fundraising part. The reason is that I don’t think that fundraising should be set aside from cause and impact and to do so makes us more vulnerable to a hostile media. I also don’t like the phrase ‘Charities Ireland’ either as not all non – profits are charities (e.g. Greenpeace).


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