So You Have A New Digital Fundraising Product?

About every 2 months I get contacted about a new on-line ‘charity fundraising’ product that someone wants to meet me about and get my feedback on. My feedback is pretty much always the same and so here it is…

  1. It looks really, really pretty. It’s a great idea. I can’t wait to see it in action and I hope it’s really successful.
  2. The first challenge you’re going to have is getting charities to sign up. Levels of approval it has to go through are a pain in the ass. The Board probably only meets every couple of months and it’s not a priority, so prob going to take about 6 months.
  3. Then the challenge is getting charities to use it. They don’t have the resources for more administration, you’re not a priority, and the returns will inevitably suck.
  4. And anyone who is good at fundraising…why would they send donors through your product? You’re probably a donation killer or reducer.
  5. Then getting the public to use it. Why would they? Even if it’s a great idea I guarantee less people will use it then you think.
  6. Personally, yes I’ll sign up to it. Yes I’ll try it. But I already have my next 12 month’s comms planned and you don’t feature.

I’m sorry to say that it won’t revoluntionise fundraising, it’s not a gamechanger, and it’s going to be a massive grind to make any dent in the charity sector.

But thanks for the hot chocolate and good luck!

If you need any help promoting or troubleshooting then I’m happy to send across my advertising and consultancy fees.


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