How Would You Spend A €$£1,000 Fundraising Budget?

Following on from the blog post, “How Would You Spend A €$£10,000 Fundraising Budget?” I decided to call on some other amazing fundraisers to ask how they’d spend an even smaller budget in an even smaller charity.

How would you spend 1,000?

“I would invest in a program where $1,000 would make a huge difference to the success of the program and/or the community it is intended to serve. For example, a $1,000 investment in a community garden would go a long way in providing an irrigation system, seeds/plants, marketing, and distribution of fresh produce to those in need. I would then work to ensure that the impact of that investment was communicated to others who would be inspired to give, maybe as simply as inviting them to visit the garden and see it firsthand.” Joe Matassino

“I’d invest £1,000 in storytelling, which is a key part of fundraising but is difficult to resource. I’d hire a freelance journalist to interview a range of the charity’s beneficiaries. The journalist would take photos and videos in the process. The beneficiaries could then tell their own stories of how they benefited. Publishing these stories would inspire donors to give.” George Overton

“Fancy an ROI of 34 to 1? The best thing you could do is invest that €1,000 in some decent fundraising training. Especially if your team is inexperienced. In fact, consultant Amy Eisenstein, Professor Adrian Sargeant and Dr. Rita Kottasz ran a study of major gift fundraising at 662 organisations. They found an increase of $37,000 (or €34,000… see what I did there?) in gifts for each additional training opportunity given to staff. And I suspect the effect may be even bigger for other, (especially more technical) forms of fundraising. Soooo, that certificate in fundraising your boss won’t pay for… kind of puts things into perspective, right?” Colin Skehan


And this amazing breakdown from the amazing nerd Caoileann Appleby, showing how she would tackle DM, email and social media:



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