Helping Good Charities Do Better Fundraising

Helping Good Charities Do Better Fundraising…

You’re here because you want to raise money for something amazing.


Maybe you’re starting completely fresh…you’ve fallen in to fundraising some how and now people are depending on you to bring in some money. You’ve seen pub quizzes and golf classics before (although you can’t really remember which charity was running them). But you’re wise enough to know that those aren’t going to do what you need done. Instead, you want to build a reliable and sustainable income for your organisation. So where do you start?

Or you might have a bit of experience in fundraising. You’ve attended a few seminars and conferences. Sure, they’re inspirational and innovative and the ideas are great…but when you go back to the office the next day you can’t really think of any changes you can make or what exactly it was you were supposed to do differently.

Or are you one of the best? Your fundraising is slick and headhunters keep phoning you and trying to get you to meet that CEO that you’ve heard is a nightmare. You’ve come to this site because you want the latest news, updates and scandals in the world of fundraising. You’re trying to stay passionate and interested because your Board is pissing you off and you’re seriously thinking about going to work for some telecom company.

Wherever and whatever you are, I imagine you’re like me: something in you loves fundraising.

You love the idea that you can connect the donors who want to change the world with the people who are changing it.

So let’s get started.

Simon Scriver
Trieste-Zurich-Paris, 1914-1921